PART 2:  Works by Participating Artists

Delaware Art Museum 

Guest Curator  +  Artist

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Guest Curator and Artist, Barbara Warden

Impermanence (Part 2),  Works by Participating Artists

Delaware Art Museum

Barbara F. Warden, Guest Curator, and Artist

Wilmington, Delaware

05.19.18 - 08.05.18

The Artist Statment is seen on Impermanence (Part 1),

Featured artist Barbara Warden also served as the curator of this exhibition, selecting the artist group component. Nine artists living in the mid-Atlantic region and nationally recognized for their talent were chosen to participate based on the quality and originality of their work. Using their choice of traditional or mix of unconventional tools and materials, they created drawings that are direct, intense, intuitive and mysterious; and touched on subjects as diverse as lost innocence, fleeting moments, spatial ambiguity, loss of control, vulnerability, and the drawing process itself offering dynamic and expressive insights into the universal experience of life's fugitive nature.

A Heap of Broken Images #1, 2017. Barbara Warden. Acrylic enamel, charcoal, ink, oil pastel, wash, and glue on Arches paper, 41 ½ x 41 1/2 inches.
Barbara Warden
Hoodie, 2017. Robyn Phillips-Pendleton. Powdered graphite and Tomboy MONO pencils on Stonehenge paper, 26 ¼ x 20 inches. Courtesy of the Artist.s-Pendleton.
Robyn Phillips-Pendleton
In the Studio: Still Life With Audubon’s Hawk Landed, 2017. Charles Guerin. Prismacolor Pencil on Arches Paper, 22 ½ x 30 inches. Courtesy of the Artist.
Charles Guerin
Energy Totem, 2017. Lisa Bartolozzi.
 Lisa Bartolozzi
The Harvester, 2017. Michael Robear. Aluminum, rubber, wood, and graphite on paper, 72 x 41 inches. Courtesy of the Artist. Photo Credit: Carson Zullinger, Courtesy of the Artist.
Stephanie Chang
Who By Fire, 2017. Barbara Frank
Barbara Frank
Inning, 2017. Stephanie Chang. Silverpoi
Michael Robear
Ellen, 2017. Ellen Durkan. Pencil on Arches paper, 84 x 45 inches. Courtesy of the Artist.
Ellen Durkan
David D’Orio and Henrik Sundqvist
Liminal 7, 2017. Sondra Arkin. Courtesy of the Artist.
Sondra Arkin
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